Over the years, Services Triad has acquired solid expertise in benchmarking within the contact center environment. In 2000, Services Triad created the Triad Benchmark Club, which has conducted over 75 studies to date, with an average of 35 participants per study. Our members represent many of the largest corporations in Québec and Canada.

Benchmarking creates an added value by:

  •  Measuring operation indicators relating to CRC management;
  •  Identifying critical performance gaps;
  •  Comparing results with those from other industry members;
  •  Targeting innovative ideas used by other organizations;
  • Defining the decisions that lead to the best practices.

The results of these studies combined with those of international market surveys enable us to identify and keep our members up to speed on the industry’s best practices, along with analyses about the latest market trends.

Services Triad has also carried out several mandates for customers requiring private market surveys that included comparative data from contact centres outside Québec and Canada.

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Founded in 1996 by Pierre Marc Jasmin, Services Triad Inc. is a management consulting firm specializing in studies providing direction and assistance in optimizing customer relationship centers operations by means of process, technology and human resources.

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