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New Study on The future of CRCs and agents – 2018 Edition

To varying extents, most companies are dealing with the increasing use of digital technologies, from robotics to automation. New technology must be implemented, and the operational processes, management approaches, human resource profiles and work environments must all be updated. In CRCs more specifically, where a portion of the volume of customer contacts is moving toward automated and semi-automated service, technology draws on artificial intelligence, that is, robots.  What must we do to prepare for these changes and make the transition viable for our companies?

This questionnaire will serve as an information base for a vision of the future for the operations of participating organizations, not a vision of the service providers offering technology to automate customer service.  We want to know and to share what activities will be implemented to support the technological changes coming to our companies.


You have until May 30, 2018 to complete the survey.

Otherwise, you can click here to download the English version of the questionnaire and send it to us.

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