Conferences for Customer Relation Centers – My recommendations for 2016

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For those wishing to improve their professional knowledge and skills, here are my “Top 5” conferences for 2016:

For workforce planning experts

2016 SWPP Annual Conference
Society of Workforce Planning Professionals
April 4 to 6 2016 – Nashville TN

This event is « the conference » for workforce planning experts (technicians and managers). Presentations and workshops will allow participants to be up to date on the latest trends in short and long term planning as well as learn how to optimize the management of a variety of schedules.

Case studies and multiple educational sessions, facilitated discussions on workforce planning in a multi channel environment are at the heart of this conference. A vendor showroom will also display all the latest technologies available for an optimized workforce management.

For the visionaries and strategists

12th Annual Customer Contact East
Frost & Sullivan Executive Mind Exchange
April 17 to 20 2016 – Lake Buena Vista FL

Customer engagement is the next wave of innovation and the contact center is perfectly positioned to elevate its corporate role as a driver of this transformation. To deliver customer satisfaction that drives growth and revenue, customer service and customer call centers must deepen the level of customer engagement in an omni channel world, and do it efficiently and effectively. Call center, automated and online self-serve, chat, mobile, social, and video channels are all opportunities to leverage technology to raise the bar on service and create a unique brand experience and identity. Agents need to be engaged as well, modern customer service software and technology needs to be in invested in, and best practices and processes need to be in place.

This event is uniquely collaborative in nature: Wildly candid discussions between participants generate ideas and insights you will not get anywhere else. It’s a spark of inspiration drawn from great minds in customer contact, customer care, customer service, customer experience management, call centers, and operations.

For generalists who want to taste it all

ACE Contact Center Expo & Conference
International Customer Management Institute ICMI
May 10 to 13 2016 – Long Beach CA

A classic not to be missed which will focus this year on the customer experience in customer relation centers (CRC) while taking into account the multiplicity of channels. Conferences, workshops, CRC visits and a large vendor showroom are all part of this event. It will be 3 days of intensive immersion including case studies and best practices in the industry. Experts and authors will be present to share their vision such as: Brad Cleveland, Lori Bocklund, Art Schoeller, John Goodman, etc…

I will have the pleasure to present a session: « Aligning Operations with your Customer Experience ». Hoping to see you there!

For the customer experience fans

CXNYC 2016  
Forrester Forum for Customer Experience Leaders
June 21 and 22 2016 – New York NY

This forum will explore the dynamic, complex relationship between brand, customer experience (CX), and business success. From critical operational processes that support world-class CX to the corporate cultures and frontline personalities that embody your brand’s promise and value, attendees will gain insights on pacesetting CX performance from leaders in both B2C and B2B.

Topics covered include:

  • Design compelling customer experiences that support and grow brands and businesses.
  • Control of the CX ecosystem to produce experiences that are truly differentiating.
  • Drive CX innovations and competitive advantage through digital technologies and platforms.
  • Develop a powerful customer-centric culture that aligns with your CX strategy.
  • Understand the appropriate metrics to measure your customer experience.

When branding is at the heart of your customer relation

2016 SOCAP Annual Conference
Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business (SOCAP International)
October 23 to 26 2016 – Orlando FL

As president of SOCAP Canada Community, it is impossible for me to not mention this event that I’ve been attending for the last 5 years. A wide array of presentations on the renewed brand vision, on customer engagement and also on the future of the customer relation will allow participants to gather new concepts and ideas in order to rethink their own customer experience strategies. Networking with top Fortune/Forbes 1000 companies and reputable business partners will take place in a friendly atmosphere.

For those not able to make the trip the US, I highly recommend our local Canadian Symposium which will be held in Montreal, May 26 in the offices of CCM Reebok. Be prepared for outstanding presentations from new brands on the market as well as established brands that have been revamped in B2C and B2B customer relations.

In conclusion

If you wish to receive the complete 2016 upcoming conferences for the CRC industry, please subscribe to our mailing list and request information on that subject. Questions or suggestions on the conferences can be addressed at .

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