Customer contact center trends in 2014

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Pierre Marc JasminContact Center World, the global association for contact center best practices and networking, has recently interviewed Pierre Marc Jasmin, president of Services Triad. Mr. Jasmin gives his views on the industry in 2013 and the main trends awaiting us in 2014.

In your opinion, what has been the greatest challenge the contact center industry has faced in the last 12 months?
There has been 2 challenges in our area:
1. Recruitment of skilled resources
2. Integration of social media in the customer experience

Why do you believe has this been a challenge?
Young resources don’t know how to write without mistakes and this is a real challenge because this is not a skill that can be coached. The advent of social media is a real challenge for Customer Contact Centres ‘CCC’s. The processes to handle contacts and the database analysis & management of conversations are still new.

In 2013, what do you think will be the top priorities in the contact center industry for

a) Contact Center Directors
They will need to be more strategic and convince higher management to invest more in the contact centers.

b) Company Executives
They will have to recognize the value of customer experience and align their global strategies with this concept across all functions of the corporation.

c) IT Directors
They will need to understand business needs of the CCC in their development plan and future technology acquisitions. Merging database legacy systems will also become another challenge.

d) Human Resources Directors
HR Directors will have to make sure that job descriptions of CSR are aligned with customer experience and the new communication channels challenges. This may mean a revision of the skills needed, training, coaching process and remuneration.

What technology do you believe will have the biggest impact on the industry over the next 12 months?

Again, I believe that the advent of social media related technologies will have great impacts as well as database analysis systems. The challenge for CCC is to make a better use of all the information gathered trough different communication channels.

For the rest of the interview visit Contact Center World.

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