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Do you want to go for free shopping for a nice little bottle at SAQ? Nothing is easier !

We are now conducting our 3rd benchmarking study of the year about the work environment and we would like you to send us one (or more) photo * of your workstations (including the agent’s desk, the screen, etc.). This will be used to enrich the study report and feed our discussions during our breakfast meetings.

For every photo received, your name will be added to a draw for a $40 gift certificate redeemable at the SAQ.

* Note: By providing each photo, you agree that it may be part of the study for illustrative purposes while maintaining the anonymity of the source and people (faces, if any, will be blurred).

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Founded in 1996 by Pierre Marc Jasmin, Services Triad Inc. is a management consulting firm specializing in studies providing direction and assistance in optimizing customer relationship centers operations by means of process, technology and human resources.

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